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- Kaidon

Monday, September 5, 2011

Jetpack Blast Off Base #2

Made this for a good friend;

This time around the base is compatible with the McFarlane Jetpack(s) and is still removable. I tried to put in more of a smokey fade out effect at the tips of the flame and made the blast more dramatic, plus there's a tiny area of flame near the base that can fit a Spartan figure's foot into for extra support!

- Kaidon


  1. Hey was up it's John with the elite and energy knives.....I think this thing is awesome u know if u clip off the top that u put the jetpacks on u can make that an explosion

  2. Hey brother I am a Landscape/Diorama artist currently working on a Halo 4 Spartan Ops diorama that 343 actually wants to use for some basic adverts on their website and such. I have been looking for someone like you I can do commissions with for things like explosions and blasts and such. I am def interested in possibly doing some commissions from you in the near future if you're still doing them. As an added bonus you will get some extra popularity because I always credit people I purchase things from that do work like myself. Could you give me the basic info on your commissions that I need to know before making a request to you?


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