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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Al-007 (Spawn Spartan)

Al was a Spartan-I who was often tasked with many UNSC Black-Ops missions involving the Rebels prior to the Human-Covenant War. During that time, he questioned many of the things that the UNSC tasked him to do and was beginning to show resentment towards his missions and even his superiors. One day on a mission to route out a Rebel base, him and his team were mysteriously ambushed, killing all of them except for Al.

When Al next awoke, he found himself inside an experimental suit of Spartan armor, that was fused with an experimental alien technology, that projected unstable green plasma and a red bubble shield, stolen from an alien race known as the Covenant. He questioned the people in the lab that he awoke in who told him about the Human-Covenant war and that it has been atleast 10years since he was last actively conscious; His homeworld where his wife was from had been glassed by the Covenant and that there were no survivors; He has since been listed as MIA and is now only known as Al-007, a testbed for project SPAWN (Synthetic Plasma and Armor Weaponization) which is designated to reverse engineering Covenant technology. The suit that he is in is the only thing  keeping him alive and that removal will cause the Plasma to become unstable, which could instantly kill him

Furious at the UNSC scientists, Al emitted a massive green wave which leveled the entire complex, but as soon as he looked up, he saw a whole fleet of alien ships orbiting over where he stood.

Now Al has to fight his way through this "Human-Covenant" war to which he knows nothing of, and at the same time find out if his wife is still out there, as well as coping with these new abilities that he has been cursed with by the UNSC...

- Kaidon

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