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Monday, July 4, 2011

Prophet of Truth

Made this sucker out of spare parts as an accessory for the Arbiter :)

The head was sculpted out of hot glue with some crayola clay on top; and the neck was out of wires and hot glue. His robe is made out of real cloth and then painted on top of the bring out his "sniveling aristocrat" look and the hands were also made out of wire. He's got 18 Points of Articulation in total with moving individual fingers and neck!

The crown was hand sculpted and i believe that is pretty much it; maybe one day I'll make him his chair

The colors are much richer in person though since this 3mp doesn't quite capture everything, but y'all get the point :)

Happy Independence Day!

If anyone wants their own leader of the Covenant or just something for the Arbiter to kill; feel free to contact me at kaidonsstuff@aol ; he's up for grabs!

- Kaidon