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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Arbiter "Thel' Vadam" (Halo 3)

Repainted him from the clear version since i couldnt find any of the original series 2 lying around!
I started with a layer of black, then slowly move towards the lighter shades of each colour until it was finished

- Kaidon


  1. dude how did u paint your arbiter
    i would like to paint mine cuz'
    i also didnt find the two series one
    except on amzon.com it was a single one remaining and it costed 89$ so i thought not to buy it.......
    anyway how did u paint it

  2. dude i painted my clear arbiter too but compared to yours it sucks
    also i did it grey you know i couldn't find the right goldish color so i droped it and did it grey
    huh also i did the eyes
    they are kinda shitty too but it isn't really bad
    I wanted to paint it so bad cuz' ya know i do stopmotions and.... anyway visit my blog plz...WWW.razvanghita.ro some articles are in my language romanian..i'll translate them dont worry
    ok bye for now

  3. thanks, i just use acryllic and start off with painting the whole fig in black, and going from there by drybrushing, im not sure where u can get a hold of good acryllics in romania though?

    btw, id love to c ur stopmotion vids, i cudnt find them on ur blog

  4. no..
    well they might be in halo myths page
    where i put them