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Friday, November 19, 2010

ML Iron Man (Extremis)

Iron Man here was a commission for someone who wanted the ultimate ML sized Extremis Iron Man (mostly known as the Civil War Iron Man.) He's made out of two ML sized toys as base, a ton of hand sculpting, and a tiny LED fit into his chest for his ARC reactor!

 The base was a movie Mk III figure from the first IM movie, and the lower torso and forearms were actually out of a movie ML Spiderman. I think there's about 35 Points of Articulation in him including moveable fingers but i may have forgot some other points. His chest was cut up to fit the LED light, then sculpted over, his head was entirely sculpted out of clay and nothing but (doing my best to capture the Tony Stark from the comics as opposed to Robert Downey Jr., the lower torso, shoulders, arms and legs were all entirely resculpted on and over also, giving this figure quite a concrete and sturdy feeling when holding on to it!

This is possibly as poseable as Iron Man can ever get, maybe even too much so with a removeable face plate that can be attached and reattached anytime you want!

 - Kaidon