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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kurt Ambrose (SPI Armor)

Made this one for myself by taking a Reach Spartan and sculpting on top of it by hand. For those of u who might be wondering who Kurt is, he's a Spartan II that was taken away from the rest of the Spartans to train a new group of Spartan III's and is mostly from the Halo novel Ghosts of Onyx, i wont give away any more of the story if u havnt read it, but if ur a fan of Halo n u wanna read a book, i would recommend this one!

After the sculpt job, i painted and weathered up the fig as usual and voila!

Hope you all like this one as much as I do :)

- Kaidon


  1. I've been waiting for someone to do Onyx justice, looks great!
    What sculpting medium are you using? Epoxy? green stuff? Sculpey?

  2. just air dry clay :)

    i wish i could pick up some epoxy n resin :(

  3. Nice work on the Kurt Custom.

    On a side note, your Carter figure's armour looks a little brighter (which to me looks closer to the in-game version), is that due to the lighting or did you paint it that way?

  4. Hey sorry for the late reply, ya Carter was repainted to be a lighter shade so it looks more like his render, and to answer your other question you asked bout painting, I start the darkest shade of the palette, then slowly add the lighter shade of each colour until its finished :) hope that helps!

  5. Hey have you ever thought of making another and selling one I bet a lot of people would buy it

  6. Or maybe make a tutorial on how to make :D