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Friday, June 17, 2011

Bumblebee (DOTM)

Hey there everyone, here's a repaint I did of the DOTM Bumblebee with a more realistic paint app. I used the wave 1 DOTM Bumblebee and painted his entire body with acylic black, then 3 different layers of silver to bring out that "Mechanically Organic" look in the films. Then the rest of the body was also dry brushed with silver and dashed with bits and pieces of black to make it look like sut and ash that scarred all over his body from battling Decepticons!

The Gun still transforms but i wedged a piece of metal in there just to keep it in place for photo purposes. Its completely removeable still!

I also painted in the rear red signal lights and the silver rims around the tail lights of the Camaro, the wheels into metallic black, and not to mention the "SS Camaro" logo on the sides silver to keep that movie authenticity!

- Kaidon

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